Top 5 Reasons You Should Attend T3SMAC

1. T3SMAC is a technical learning event.

You donít need to be sold on BMC IT Software & Solutions, ITIL and other supporting technologies. You already own them. You need to get the most out of them. This is how. And from many points of view being that we are an independent conference.

2. Industry leaders at general sessions.

Every morning opens with thought provoking and stimulating commentary from BMC executives, evangelists and architects. Industry direction, product futures and new concepts are introduced here.

3. Dozens and dozens of breakout sessions.

There are more than 100 this year, submitted and presented by application designers, vendors, users, admins, customers and consultants from every industry, large and small. New techniques, how-toís, programming tricks, ITIL best practices and real user experiences are all represented.

4. Exhibits from more than 30 companies.

Our Technology Showcase will help you get more out of your investment in BMC and your expertise in ITIL. UI enhancements, programing utilities, consultant services, training, application integrations and lots more.

5. Unmatched networking opportunities.

Simply put, T3SMAC is the largest gathering of technical minds in this discipline anywhere the world. Serious about your career? You should be here. (You may not want your boss to see this one, but this is the reason your boss wants to come too!)