Leonard (Lenny) Warren, T3 Director

Lenny is a world-renowned Remedy Consultant and trainer. He was formerly the Education Delivery Manager and Remedy Approved Consultant (RAC) for BMC Software Company. His background includes 20 years working in the Intelligence Communications Field while a member of the United States Air Force and just over 9 years working for an Action Request System affiliated company (Remedy Corporation, Peregrine Systems Inc., and BMC Software Corporation).

Lenny was also on the Board of Directors for the WWRUG Conferences. He has been a speaker/presenter at all of the WWRUG Conferences as well as many BMC Engage events.

Approximately six (6) of his military service years were spent working as a training instructor, course evaluator, and training manager. Lenny completed his military career as a course developer and trainer for the National Security Agency, training personnel in various areas of the internet/web creation and other NSA products. He started out with Remedy Corporation in May 1998 as one of the primary instructors of the basic Action Request Systemís 3.X Administrating courses for UNIX and NT/Windows systems. In late 1998, Lenny became one of three primary Remedy AR Web/Remedy Web and ITSM Application instructors. Since then, Lenny has become the lead technical instructor for BMC Software products by certifying in all the Action Request System training courses (and at each version level up to 7.X). In addition to his Instructor skills, he is also a top Remedy Developer/Consultant, providing workshops, guidance and assistance in implementing and upgrading Remedy ITSM Systems.

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